All about the Village Hall Committee

The Village Hall Committee comprises representatives of village groups which use the Village Hall, that is, the Main Hall (shared with Sedgeberrow C of E First School), the Betteridge Room, and the Green Room. The Hall is used for meetings of village organisations, for example, the Women's Institute, and the Royal British Legion), parties, dances etc, as well as productions by the Village's own drama group, S.O.A.P .

The committee is responsible for the non-school use of the Hall, and also for the upkeep of Glebe Meadow, at the other end of the village. Glebe Meadow has been turned into a children's play area, but is also used for village activities, especially during the summer months.


The Village Hall is available for hire. Please check with the Booking Secretary, Mrs C Malin for availability (Tel: 01386 881014). To hire, please read the conditions for hire, then print the application form, complete it, and return to Mrs Malin.

Please especially note the following:

  • the charge for hire of either the Main Hall or the Betteridge Room is £10 per hour (£18 for hire of both)
  • maximum numbers (to comply with fire regulations) are: Main Hall - 140. Betteridge Room -39.
  • there is access for disabled persons, except in respect of the toilets serving the Main Hall
  • there are only minimal kitchen facilities.
Latest News 2015!

Funds for improving insulation of the Village Hall’s Betteridge room.
SeSaME is delighted, on behalf of the Village, to have received confirmation of the availability of £1,440, through the Green Deal Communities project being administered by the Community Energy and Resilience sector at County Hall. At our request the money has been designated “to be used for energy efficiency improvements to a community building in the village of Sedgeberrow.” This is all thanks to the 8 villagers who signed up to having external wall insulation on their old property, making significant savings for themselves from the grant that they will receive, but bringing £180 into our village for each house signed up, hence the £1,440.
Many thanks to all the officers at County and District Councils who, together with Act on Energy as you will know, have contributed so much to help our villagers achieve this.
The Village Hall Committee is now working to use this money in upgrading the sustainability of the Betteridge room. The plan is to insulate the building, helped by this sum of £1,440 from the Green Deal Community fund, and also to seek a grant of £10,000, from “Welcome to Our Future”, which manages the Severn Waste Environmental Fund, the Landfill Tax Grants Scheme, to install an Air to Water Heat Pump system for the Betteridge Room. They will know the result of their application by late August.


Heating improvements

It doesn’t seem too long ago that Mike Parker of SeSaME proposed replacing the Betteridge Room’s costly and inefficient heating system with air source heating. Mike reports that “It was a great help that we have a District Councillor, George Mackison, who is not only aware of the economic benefits of renewable energy, but was also able to give advice on practical issues from his own experience of installing such a system. It was also important to have the support of the County Council, through Apryl Pheasant of Place Partnership, and this was readily forthcoming.”
With Committee Chair, Colette Malin, Mike approached the charity “Welcome to Our Future” that manages the Severn Waste Environmental Fund, encapsulated in the slogan “Helping to turn the world around”. “And turn Sedgeberrow’s world around they have” is Mike’s grateful view. He managed to fill in their straightforward application form, with Bill Richardson, the Fund Manager, happy to respond
to any queries. “To our delight the Charity’s committee members awarded us the full £10,000 we had requested, leaving us just under £4,000 to find” he reveals. The successful bidders for the work were Energy Solutions of Malvern who have installed a 9kW Panasonic tCap Heat Pump, and a new radiator system, which is already demonstrating the benefits that it will bring for years to come.”

The School and the Betteridge Room now have their own solar panels.

Notes from the AGM

The new committee now consist of the following:

Chairperson and village Hall bookings secretary: Colette Malin

Secretary: Joanne Hornblow:

Treasurer: We have a new Treasurer. Cheryl Pope


Committee Members:

Paul Hunston, Richard Hunt, David Trengrove, Ivor Davies, Rob Wood, Jenny Wood, Mike Parker, Jane Norton, Marilyn Butt, Maureen Pratt, John De Paris, Sally Tebutt, Jem Williamson, Claire Jupp, Darren Farmer.

Cheryl Pope.





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