Sedgeberrow Floodgroup

Welcome to Sedgeberrow Flood Group

The flood group was formed in the aftermath of the (hopefully) freak flood that affected the village in July 2007 with the purpose of trying to ensure that the village is better prepared for any future flood risk.

The group is coordinated by Richard Hunt as flood warden nominated by the Parish Council and whilst consisting entirely of volunteers from within the village, (some affected by the flood and some not), the group has been fortunate to have an extremely diverse range of skills from rural land use and detailed local knowledge through to engineers, project planners and amazingly one emergency planner!

However the group is always keen to hear from new volunteers and enthusiasm, a commitment to the community and empathy to those at risk is more important than any specific skills.

We hope you find the information useful but we always welcome any comments or suggestions to improve either this site or support that we can offer

The last siren test was performed on Sunday 25th June - Click here to listen

In Emergencycontact:

Flood Warden


Isbourne Catchment Group
The group were invited to Tewkesbury Borough Council Flood Risk Management Meeting on 22nd June 2015, supported by Liz Eyre of Worcestershire County Council. Overall the presentation was well received with positive comments and support for the catchment based approach. Click here to read the Powerpoint presentation

Isbourne Catchment Group
Isbourne Catchment Group seeks to treat and minimise both the frequency and the severity of flooding in the whole of the Isbourne catchment area into the future, whilst encompassing environmental and heritage considerations. Please Click here to Read more ....

Emergency Warning Siren
The siren was tested on Sunday 25th June 2017 at 12:00. Read more .....

Sedgeberrow in Government Guidance Doc
Sedgeberrow has been included in a new community resilience guidance document following the work of the flood group.

Isbourne Catchment Project
Studies looking into land use in the area. Free advisory visits to discuss Stewardship schemes.

The Flood Group continue to champion insurance issues on behalf of residents.

Japan Visit
The Flood Group receive international attention.